Pontiac Saturn and Porsche Sports Cars

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 Pontiac Saturn and Porsche Sports Cars
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Three of the car manufacturing companies that have a history of offering impressive sports cars over the years are Pontiac, Saturn, and Porsche. All of these car makers provide solid sports car features, particularly in regards to their Pontiac engine, Saturn engine, and Porsche engine. The three brands of sports cars are compared in the following paragraphs.

Saturn proved to be one of the General Motors brands that was discontinued in 2009 as the company was reorganized. The Saturn engine in its sports cars demonstrated impressive abilities until the end. In 2009 Saturn Sky sports cars, the inline four version of the Saturn engine put out a solid 173 hp, while the upgraded V8 Saturn engine produced a more competitive 260 hp. The brand was renowned for its sharp styling, high performance Saturn engine in the red line model, comfortable ride on the highway, and low pricing relative to its various sports car competitors. Though the car had a devoted following up until the end with its powerful Saturn engine and sleek styling, General Motors shelved half of its brands, and the Saturn Sky went the way of the entire Saturn line up.

Pontiac was a General Motors brand that had suffered a decline in popularity throughout the 1990′s. The Pontiac engine actually found use in a variety of different GM brands over the years, as a Pontiac engine typically provided high performance. Pontiac sports car models like the 1980′s Pontiac Fiero and 1990′s Pontiac Sunfire, as well as the more impressive and current 2000′s models Pontiac G8, helped to keep the brand going until it was finally shut down by GM in 2009. The promising sports car only lasted for two years as a result of being launched in 2008. The Pontiac engine in the G8 provided a potent 361 hp, making it as powerful as most any competing sports car on the market. The G8 GXP model Pontiac engine bumped the performance up to Pontiac’s ultimate achievement in putting out 415 hp. Last year, in 2009, the final Pontiac sports cars were produced.

Porsche sports cars possess a practically unblemished reputation as among the greatest performing vehicle on the planet. They have earned this high level reputation over many years. The Porsche engine boasts of an impressive power output, while the vehicles offer pin point handling. A Porsche engine and car provides a driving experience that is unparalleled. It should come as no surprise that many individuals consider the Porsche marque to represent the entire sports car genre. Naturally, these sports cars come with a high price tag as well. Although only aerodynamic sports cars were offered by the firm for many decades, recently they have enlarged their offering to cover different kinds of vehicles.

To understand what the Porsche engine is capable of, several of the 2011 models driving specs are considered. The Porsche engine in the Boxter provides an impressive 255 hp. The Boxter S attains 310 hp. A Porsche engine in the Cayman manages 265 hp, while its Cayman S model delivers 320 hp. Finally, the Porsche engine found in the 911 Carrera delivers an amazing 345 hp, going from 0 to 60 mph in only 4.7 seconds.

About: In the end, of the three makes of beloved sports cars, only Porsche has survived the economic turmoil of the last few years. Although the Pontiac engine and the Saturn engine powered hot, fancy sports cars, they will only live on as collectibles. The Porsche sports car now exists almost without competitors.
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